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Pumice Stone Small

$ 8.00

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Natural whole volcanic pumice stone are eco-friendly. They last and last and last, well you get the picture!

 3 - small 1-1.3 oz and approximately 2" x 1.5" each

Instructions and care are included with every stone.


Callus Removal: Soak and lather well to soften skin. Wet stone. Finding smoothest work face or point, scrub gently, increasing pressure as attune to process. Rinse often to slough away dead skin- pumice works with liquid. Remove thicker calluses over time. With patience you"ll file away gnarliest "alligator skin." Finish with favorite moisturizer.

Pumice Care: To unclog residue buildup, soak in hot water. Scrub with wire brush, rinsing often. Handle with care; rocks can fracture if dropped. Dry in sun to purify, re-energize, and restore buoyancy.

Caution: Sharp craters on some. Always use mindfully. This Pumice is exactly as found in nature, so no warranty can be made. Do not use on inflamed skin, especially severe heal cracks; grit will irritate. May scratch porcelain and stainless steel.