Reese Piper, our esteemed Owner and CEO at Ridge Runner Soap Company, LLC, embodies the spirit of resilience and innovation. A proud veteran with a story of transformation, Reese's journey into the world of natural skincare began out of personal necessity and blossomed into a thriving business that champions the importance of natural, handcrafted products. Faced with a skin allergy to commercial soaps, Reese turned a challenge into an opportunity by creating a unique formula of soaps made from olive oil, canola oil, and coconut oil. 

This initial venture not only solved a personal dilemma but also laid the foundation for our now-flourishing business. Under Reese's leadership, Ridge Runner Soap Company has grown from a thoughtful holiday gift idea into a renowned brand known for its commitment to quality, community, and sustainable practices. Celebrating our 10th year, we continue to expand, driven by Reese's vision to share the benefits of natural soaps, cosmetics, and candles with a wider audience through our online presence and community engagements.

You can contact us at ridgerunnersoaps@gmail.com or call us at 860-973-SOAP(7627)